New York Business Law Client CMXCMX-Gryphon a strategic alliance between Gryphon Partners LLC and CMX Caspian and Gulf Consultants Limited that provides international oil companies and multinationals with unparalleled access, insight and knowledge on Iraq. Drawing on Gryphon’s elite-level connections within the Iraqi government as well as experienced in-country staff in Baghdad and Erbil, and CMX’s proven in-depth energy and business consulting model, CMX-Gryphon offers cutting-edge analytical written products, specialist briefings, workshops, seminars, personal consultations, and commissioned research reports focused on Iraq’s hydrocarbon sector.

CMX-Gryphon’s consultancy is powered by the minds of former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, and Senior Research Advisor at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Dr. Jennifer Coolidge.

As with any consultancy, the service is only as good as the people and CMX-Gryphon boasts two of the most seasoned thought leaders in Middle East energy development and geopolitics. Zalmay Khalilzad, President of Gryphon Partners, served as U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the United Nations. Dr. Jennifer Coolidge, Executive Director of CMX, is an internationally renowned expert on the gas sectors of Iraq and Turkmenistan and advises international oil companies, governments, and multinational businesses on strategy, political risk, operations and market entry in Iraq and the Caspian region. She is Senior Research Advisor at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and is widely acknowledged as the foremost consultant and advisor on Turkmenistan. She previously held positions as Research Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC, and International Policy Fellow in the Department of Politics, University of Oxford.

W&M provides CMX-Gryphon ongoing counsel regarding a variety of issues, ranging from employment, to data privacy, trade secrets, international dispute resolution, and international copyright and intellectual property frameworks. W&M prides itself on being able to serve as a resource so that CMX-Gryphon can make informed decisions.

W&M routinely drafts and negotiates CMX-Gryphon’s license agreements with its clients. Issues of deliverables, intellectual properties, and unique legal frameworks depending on the client’s needs challenge W&M attorneys to assure the heart of the license agreement is maintained, while providing enough flexibility to accommodate the specific deal at hand.